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What's with the penises??? I get that they may be couples or they look cute...but the blog means something to people. Its classy its where we come to keep us going to find one another. In the end I guess I could go somewhere else if it bothers me, but I'd hoped and still hope we can continue keeping this blog classy and about love. Not porn. Just saying. Luv ya. Oh and you guys are so cute, many years of love sent your way :)

The penises!? You say it like if there were 10 penis posted daily!! Only two couples whom I posted nude this week, and this blog becomes a porn blog? How!? They were two beautiful nude couples that do and show the same parts that we do. And as a guy in a relationship I know how it is, and those pictures I post of couples showing their penis or maybe making love, I post them because that just a normal thing we do and it’s okay to post it in the blog. We all know what we do with our boyfriends, so why not post it? I am sorry if I offended anyone with this type of pictures. Like I said before, this is a blog dedicated to the real life of gay couples, and also about me.
Thank you. Xoxo